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Pine Street After-School Program

Information about the after school program has moved to a new location! Please check out the After School page under the Parents tab above to find out more!

Pine Street Singers

Pine Street Singers is the chorus at Pine Street Elementary.  In the fall, Singers is made up of 4th and 5th grade students. They perform at the school and in the community for several holiday events. In the spring, the Singers is also open to 3rd graders.  In May, Singers perform a large musical production.  Look for information at the beginning of the year and in January if you have a student that is interested in being a part of our chorus!

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a tribute to Media Specialist Helen Ruffin. Elementary students who wish to participate must read and test on six to nine books. Every year this list changes, the books on the list are the Georgia Book Awards and there are seventeen books on the list to choose from. We are sending two teams with five members on each team with two alternates attending. To increase your chances of being selected to represent Pine Street Elementary in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, the more books you read and test the better your chance.

Math 24 Club

The Math 24 club exposes students to advanced concepts of mathematics, deepening their understanding of mathematics, enhancing problem-solving skills, and helping them compete in math competitions.


Pine Street Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club is typically made up of 4th and 5th grade students who are proud representatives of our school. Students work with the Yearbook Sponsor to make decisions on the design of the yearbook and use Lifetouch's  website to create the school's yearbook. Students meet during and after school so transportation after meeting is needed.

WPSE Roadrunner News Team 

  • The Roadrunner News Team reports important and impactful news for the day with staff members and students of Pine Street Elementary.  Student team members include news anchors, roving reporters, audio and video experts, designers and more.

Sci-App Team

The Science Assistant Program (SciAP) is designed for 5th grade students who are interested in learning more deeply about Science concepts, inquiry and the use of tools of Science. One goal of the program is for students to learn how to teach others about Science concepts and use of tools. SciAP Assistants could then be available to assist classroom teachers by providing their students with mini-lessons on proper usage of tools, such as triple beam balances and microscopes. Students will apply to become a SciAP assistant. Behavioral norms must be maintained in order to remain in the program and to be allowed to serve as a classroom assistant.

Science assistants at work
Science assistants at work


The Mediators and Ambassadors Program (MAPS) provides leadership opportunities to selected fourth and fifth grade students. Students are trained and serve as mediators, mentors for younger students, school tour guides, and classroom helpers. Potential members are referred by their teachers.  Fifth grade students have the option to refer themselves to the program.  Students complete an application process that includes an essay and interview.


Safety Patrol

The safety patrol team develops leadership skills for students. It is open to fourth and firth graders.  Activities include monitoring hallway and cafeteria behavior, monitoring outside safety, and flag patrol.