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Family Book Reviews

NEW OPPORTUNITY! Pine Street Families can share reviews of their favorite books throughBook Review Clipart Image Flipgrid!  It is easy.

1. First, read a book with your children.
2. Next, talk about the book with each other.  What did you like abou the book? What do you still wonder about?
3. Finally, share your review of the book through a Flipgrid recording. 

Directions for using Flipgrid:
Link to the Flipgrid Book Review topic here:
Next, enter the guest password (your children's teachers can share this). Your children can also choose to use their school Flipgrid account.
When you are ready to record, click "Add Response" to record your video. 
You can redo your recording until you are happy with it.  
Your recording will be posted for viewing once it is reviewed by the moderator.
As others share recording, view those as well to learn about new books to read!

PSE Family Book Reviews Flipgrid Image