PSE Teacher & Para-Professional of the Year

The Pine Street Elementary faculty and staff are proud to announce that Ms. Beth Duren has been chosen as the Pine Street Elementary School Teacher of the year for 2015-16.

Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year

We are proud to announce that Ms. Genifer Keener has been chosen as the 2015-16 Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year for PSE.

Administration and Office Staff

Last Name First Name            Email Position
Bell Debbie Administrative Assistant
King Christy Academic Coach - RTI Coordinator
Vier Kim Principal
Turner Darlene    Bookkeeper
Wilson Katrina School Counselor
Polk Deborah Nurse
Tidwell Teresa Assistant Principal
Walker Barbara Parent Liaison
                                    Counselor Paraprofessional
Sharon          Paraprofessional

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Last Name First  Name   Email           Position
Blair                  Heather         Teacher
Boling Lori            Teacher
Bridges Leigh Teacher
Clark Cynthia Teacher
Carter Michelle Teacher
Frazier Candace Teacher
Keener Genifer Teacher
Dorsey Shentara  Paraprofessional
Fincher Kate Paraprofessional 
Gachuzo-Colin Alice   Paraprofessional
Hines Erikka Paraprofessional
Peek June Paraprofessional
Rosales Lisa Paraprofessional
Williams Karen Paraprofessional

First Grade

Last Name First Name Email Position
Finch               Sandy Paraprofessional
Paige Karen   Teacher
Reilly Nan Teacher
Gadd Frances       Paraprofessional
Mullis Michelle Teacher
Nittolo Christina Teacher
Rupard Emily Teacher

Second Grade

Last Name First Name Email Position
Roth            Chasity Teacher
Wilkinson Angela Teacher
Brown          Alesia Teacher
Homer Stacey Teacher
Jacques Harold Teacher
Stanford       LaTonya Teacher
Bell Kaitlyn Paraprofessional
Brown Amanda Paraprofessional

Third Grade

Last Name First Name Email Position
Cromer Joann Teacher
Duren Beth Teacher
Kelly Susan Teacher
Garrett Michelle Teacher
Mosley Julia Teacher
Payne Brandy Paraprofessional
Gilbert Lorraine Paraprofessional

Fourth Grade

Last Name First Name Email Position
Flakes Mandi Teacher
Jones Tyanna Teacher
Murray Janareau Teacher
Simpson Yolanda Teacher
Stephens Carolyn Teacher
Patricia         Brooks Paraprofessional

Fifth Grade

Last Name First Name Email Position
Lumpkin Chuck Teacher
Miller Jennifer Teacher
Wilson Donna Teacher
White Karen Teacher
Turner Saran Paraprofessional

Media and Technology Team

Last Name First Name Email Position
Fulford Lisa Media Specialist
Malcom Gloria Paraprofessional
Wilkinson Anthony INTEL
Anschutz Terri Digital Learning Specialist

Special Area Teachers

Last Name First Name Email Position
Gregor Lisa Teacher
Thurston            Brittany Teacher
Danner Josh Teacher
Cleland Stefani Teacher


Last Name First Name Email Position
Buck Yukiko Teacher
Simerly Amy Teacher
Kyzer Roxie Teacher
Last Name First Name Email Position
Rollins Tricia Teacher
Murray Labrina Teacher
Lee Jenee
Briones Julia Paraprofessional
Rodriquez Jacqueline ESOL Tutor

Special Education

Last Name First Name Email Position
Robinson Lisa Teacher
Byrne Lynn Teacher
Stroman Rachel Teacher
Dinnan Barbara Teacher
Partain Lauryn Teacher
Sirmans Sandra Speech Teacher
Andersen Jim Paraprofessional
Owens Jeanne Paraprofessional
Steele Laurie Paraprofessional
Ellison Lillian Paraprofessional
Lykins Amy Paraprofessional
Purvis Nicole Paraprofessional